Rubber Dam Dentistry in overland park

What Is Rubber Dam Dentistry?

Rubber dam dentistry refers to the use of a rubber dam, also called a “dental dam” during certain dental treatments. This is a thin sheet of rubber that contains a small hole in the middle.

Using a special device, the rubber dam clamps over the tooth that’s being treated, isolating it from the other teeth. Only the treated tooth will be visible, and the other teeth and the rest of your mouth will be protected by the rubber dam.

At your local dentist in Overland Park, Dr. Kory Kirkegaard prefers to use rubber dam dentistry whenever possible during your treatment in Overland Park. Using a rubber dam can substantially increase the longevity and quality of certain treatments, such as fillings and crowns. Contact us now to schedule an appointment todaystop by our office located at 7550 W 160th Street, Overland Park, KS 66085.

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Your mouth contains between 500 to 1,000 types of bacteria. Rubber dam dentistry helps prevent these bacteria from spreading or contaminating your treatment site during dental procedures.

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What Can I Expect From Rubber Dam Dentistry?

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Cleaning and numbing

Typically, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed before the rubber dam is applied, since Dr. Kirkegaard will need to access your entire mouth.

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Dam application

Once your mouth has been cleaned and numbed, a rubber dam will be stretched over a special appliance, clamped into place, and used to isolate the tooth that’s being treated. We use high-quality ISODAM products at your Overland Park dentist for the best results.

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Treating the tooth

Your procedure, such as getting a filling or a crown, will continue normally after the rubber dam has been applied. Dr. Kirkegaard will let you know what to expect before your treatment begins.

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Dam removal

When your treatment is complete, the rubber dam will be removed. Dr. Kirkegaard will discuss any necessary aftercare and follow-ups, and then send you home.

More About Rubber Dam Dentistry

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The Benefits Of Using Rubber Dams

Why do we use rubber dams at The Art of Dentistry? There are a few reasons. First, using rubber dams improves the overall longevity of most dental treatments. This is because it prevents the treatment site from being contaminated by saliva, blood, and other fluids.

These contaminants can reduce the effectiveness of treatments like fillings or crowns. Speaking of contaminants, rubber dams also help prevent the spread of oral bacteria, which is particularly important when working on decayed or infected teeth.

Rubber dams also help isolate a particular tooth for better visibility, which can improve the outcome of the procedure. They also give Dr. Kirkegaard more time to work on your tooth, since the tooth is isolated more effectively from contamination and fluids.

If you are interested in rubber dams, please contact us. We proudly serve the areas of Overland Park, Louisburg, and all other surrounding areas.

Procedures Rubber Dams Are Used For

Rubber dams are commonly used during restorative dentistry procedures like placing fillings and bonding crowns, and during endodontic treatments like root canals. However, they can be used for most procedures at our office if Dr. Kirkegaard determines them to be necessary. He will discuss the need for rubber dams in more detail during your appointment at The Art of Dentistry.

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