Laser Gingivectomies In Overland Park

What Is A Laser Gingivectomy?

A laser gingivectomy is a procedure that’s used to remove some of your gum tissue and reshape your smile in a comfortable and safe way. Gingivectomies are completed for a few reasons; cosmetic improvements, to help with periodontal infections or to help with restorative needs.

If you have a “gummy smile”, uneven gum lines or “short, square teeth” and want a more even and appealing smile, a laser gingivectomy from Dr. Kory Kirkegaard at The Art of Dentistry is a fantastic choice!


Did you know…

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Dental lasers were first developed and used in the 1960s but did not become a common sight in dental offices until the 1990s and 2000s.

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Understanding The Laser Gingivectomy Process

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Initial preparation

To begin the process, Dr. Kirkegaard will clean your teeth and gums to prepare your mouth. Most of the time we can just use a topical gel that numbs the tissue in about 10 mins - that means no shots!  We may also offer numbing injections, but these are not usually necessary for laser gingivectomies, since laser dentistry causes minimal discomfort.

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Removing or excess gum tissue

Once your mouth has been prepared, Dr. Kirkegaard will use a powerful dental laser to remove any unhealthy gum tissue from your gums or to remove excess gum tissue that’s covering too much of your teeth. This process is virtually painless after the numbing gel.

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Reshaping your gums

Once the unhealthy or excess gum tissue has been removed, Dr. Kirkegaard will begin reshaping your gum to make them more aesthetically appealing. As an expert cosmetic dentist, you can trust Dr. Kirkegaard to deliver excellent results.

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Healing and recovery

Laser gingivectomies have a much shorter healing time than traditional gingivectomies. You’ll have to follow some recovery instructions from Dr. Kirkegaard, but you should be mostly healed within 3-7 days.

Understanding The Benefits Of Laser Gingivectomies

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Minimal Pain And Discomfort

Dental lasers cause much less pain and discomfort compared to traditional dental tools like scalpels. Dental lasers “vaporize” soft tissue like gum tissue upon contact using waves of energy. This energy also seals nerve endings, which helps eliminate pain. With laser gingivectomies, you usually don’t even need numbing shots before your treatment, though we still offer numbing and sedation options for your comfort at The Art of Dentistry if you desire.

No Sutures Required

Because dental lasers are so powerful, they also “cauterize” (seal) blood vessels upon contact. This means that there is minimal bleeding after your procedure and that sutures are not required after your treatment. This means fewer follow-ups and a simpler healing process.

Destroys Bacteria

Laser gingivectomies help destroy the bacteria that cause gum disease, providing superior results for patients who need treatment for gum disease. And even if you’re just getting treatment for cosmetic reasons, this means that the risk of infections after your gingivectomy will be much lower.

Faster Overall Healing

With a laser gingivectomy, it only takes 3-7 days for most patients to recover. As opposed to traditional gingivectomy with a scalpel that usually takes at least 1-2 weeks to recover. You’ll experience less discomfort and heal more quickly, and you can get back to your daily routine faster.  Most patients forget they had a procedure completed at day 3!

Did you know…

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About 25% of American adults have no teeth. Restorative care prevents this tooth loss.

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