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Why Do I Need an Extraction?

While it may seem a little surprising when you hear that you may need an extraction, it can actually be the best option to keep your smile healthy and prevent further complications. At The Art of Dentistry, we always try to save your natural tooth whenever possible, but when a tooth becomes severely infected it may be necessary to remove it to prevent the spread of the infection. We also offer wisdom tooth extractions to help prevent overcrowding and bite misalignment. Our extractions are gentle and we will be sure to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process. Call today to schedule an appointment at The Art of Dentistry or stop by our office located at 7550 W 160th Street, Overland Park, KS 66085. We proudly serve the dental patients of Overland Park, Louisburg, and all other surrounding areas.

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Cavities are the leading cause of tooth extraction and tooth loss. Keep your smile healthy at home to avoid tooth decay and save your teeth!

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Understanding The Tooth Extraction Process

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Cleaning & preparation

To begin the tooth extraction process, Dr. Kirkegaard will clean the area and numb your mouth to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort. We also offer sedation options to further increase your comfort throughout your procedure.

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Basic tooth extraction

If you are getting a basic or “simple,” extraction, Dr. Kirkegaard will use special tools to loosen the tooth and prepare it for removal. Then, when it’s been loosened sufficiently, he will pull it out with a pair of dental forceps.

Surgical extraction

Surgical extractions are required for teeth that have not fully erupted. In this process, Dr. Kirkegaard will make a small opening in the gums near your tooth. Then, he will cut the tooth into pieces and remove it through this opening.

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Suturing the area

Once your tooth has been extracted, the surgical site will be disinfected and sutured to ensure proper healing. You’ll be sent home with a set of recovery instructions to follow as your mouth heals from treatment.

More About Tooth Extractions

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Basic Extractions

Basic or “simple” extractions are used for teeth that have fully emerged from your mouth. They are most often used for teeth that have been irreversibly damaged by decay, gum disease, or an oral injury. However, they may also sometimes be used to remove a tooth to prepare for a dental prosthetic like a dental implant or a denture.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are a natural part of our mouths. This set of 4 molars grows in from the age of 17-25 in most people. The problem is that lots of patients just don’t have enough room in their mouths for another set of teeth.

Because of this, wisdom teeth can damage the surrounding teeth and cause lots of complications as they start to erupt. This is why tooth extraction is often recommended for wisdom teeth. Removing them gives you peace of mind and prevents further oral health issues.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

This refers to wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted.  Impacted wisdom teeth are particularly troublesome, because they often grow into the mouth sideways or create flaps of gum tissue that lead to a higher likelihood of gum and tooth infections. 

This type of tooth is also harder to extract. If one or more of your teeth are impacted, a surgical extraction procedure will be required to restore your smile, as outlined in the “Understanding The Tooth Extraction Process” section of this page.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

Extraction is necessary whenever Dr. Kirkegaard recommends it. We provide conservative dentistry at your Overland Park dentist, and we will only recommend extracting your tooth if there are no other solutions to your oral health challenges.

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About 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and nearly 40 million Americans have lost all their teeth.

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Why Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

Improper growth and eruption of wisdom teeth is the most common reason for extractions. Millions of wisdom teeth are extracted each year in the US alone. This is because these teeth grow in much later than the rest of the teeth, usually between 17-25.

Lots of people don’t have the space needed to accommodate a third set of molars, so the wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and other complications as they emerge. For this reason, they’re often removed.

Tooth extractions may also be needed after dental trauma, or when chronic oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay have seriously damaged or destroyed one or more teeth.

Finally, tooth extractions may sometimes be needed as a step to prepare for other dental procedures. For example, getting a set of full dentures will require you to have any remaining healthy teeth extracted.

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Do I Have Any Other Options?

Yes! At The Art of Dentistry, Dr. Kory Kirkegaard practices “conservative dentistry.” Among other things, this means that he will never recommend a tooth extraction unless he truly believes it to be necessary.

Sometimes, it’s possible to repair damaged teeth with treatments like root canals and dental crowns, and other advanced dental procedures. This is always preferable to pulling your natural tooth. Dr. Kirkegaard will explain all of your options, and he will only recommend having an extraction if it’s really the best option for your situation.

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

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No. At your local dentist in Overland Park, Dr. Kirkegaard specializes in oral surgery in Overland Park. Thanks to his expertise, you’ll enjoy a smooth, fast, and pain-free dental procedure. And with sedation dentistry at our office, you can rest and relax while you get the dental care you need! 

The recovery process isn’t totally pain-free, though. After your treatment is over and your sedation and numbing start to wear off, you will start to feel some discomfort. Make sure to follow the instructions provided to you by Dr. Kirkegaard to minimize your pain and speed up the recovery process.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From An Extraction?

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It usually takes about 2 weeks to completely heal from an extraction, though most patients are mostly healed within about a week. 

Don’t worry, though. You won’t be out of commission during this time. While you’ll need to follow some special instructions and eat soft foods, you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine within a day or two of your extraction.

Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

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Unless you’ve had wisdom teeth extracted, the answer is “yes!” Losing a tooth leads to oral health issues like teeth shifting and jaw bone loss below the now-empty socket. It also may affect your appearance and your speech, and losing more than one tooth may make it harder to eat your favorite foods.

For all of these reasons, you should discuss your options for tooth replacement with Dr. Kory Kirgegaard. At The Art of Dentistry, we specialize in dental implants, which are typically the best way to replace one, several, or a full mouth of missing teeth.

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Dental implants are the only restorative option that preserves and stimulates your natural bone structure.

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